Islamic Music by Arabic Singers You Wouldn't Have Guessed


I usually don't feel much when I hear normal music, because I know how much better I feel listening to music about my faith, or God. It has so much more sentiment. Here are some albums of Islamic music that I've been listening to for years now. All by Arabic singers most people don't know released Islamic albums! Click the album images to hear them on Youtube!



Tamer Hosny
El Gana Fi Byoutna


This is a pretty old one from about 2008, this was the first ones I heard & fell in love with back in high school. A lot of the songs talk about being weak & asking God for guidance. One of my favorites is Ya Rab Ana Ta3ban—"Oh Lord, I'm tired." When I'm just feeling a lot of weight on my shoulders, I'll play this song & I sometimes just bawl. The song is basically a call out to God, telling Him how tired he is of life and it's problems, and asks God to guide and protect him. Another song is Asma2 Allah El 7osna—the 99 names of Allah. It's a remake of an old song I believe by Sheikh Abdel Baset, you can actually hear the original version in the beginning. It's beautiful, it's actually the reason I was able to memorize the 99 names.



Wael Jassar
Nabina El Zein

This one talks a lot about the Prophet (pbuh). It's a lot of praises & stories about him. It always reminds me of Ramadan when I hear it. Love it. 



Ehab Tawfiq
Ella Rasoul Allah


This one has a few Ramadan-specific ones which I love. I know this sounds weird, but he has some songs that I can totally imaging singing with my kids one day 😓 One day ensha'Allah. 



Amr Diab
Min Asmaa' Allah El 7osna


This is a new favorite! Amr Diab just released this album this year. The concept is amazing—basically every song is one of Allah's 99 names, in the song Amr goes deeper into the meaning behind the name. It's beautiful. 


I hope y'all are able to find a deeper love with God through these! They've really helped me out a whole lot. God bless!