DIY | Bunting

There's nothing really interesting going on with my desk at work so I thought to make some 'bunting' of my own to hang across the cube wall. I liked the idea of using images and cutting them to where you can't exactly tell what it is at first glance, but you eventually get when you look at carefully. I basically went to my Tumblr for the pictures since it's made up of images I feel already represent me. I made another one of vintage Arabic album covers, like Fairouz, Oum Kalthoum, and Abd El-Halim.

All you really need is:
- Pictures
- Scissors / X-Acto Knife
- Pen / Pencil
- Paper
- Ruler
- String
- Wall Pin

I just laid out my pictures onto an InDesign file (you could use Word also), and printed them out. I tried to make each image about 4 inches wide. I made a triangle template out of regular paper, traced it onto the images, and cut them out. Then I took the wall pin to puncture clean holes into the corners of each triangle so I can easily run the string through them. And boom!