Work Breaks

I think one of the beautiful things about having prayers throughout the day, is giving yourself time to reflect on where your mind is, long-term. Yes, in the moment, I am working to survive and make money to live in this world, that's understood. But while doing so, while working over 9 hours a day, it's easy to get caught up and forget your grand purpose, the reason you're on this earth—that is to make it to heaven. 

That's why I need my prayers. Because I might be going through a difficult situation at work, frustrated with a client, or even coworker—but the time I have for me and only me, is during my prayers. It allows me to push aside all the problems of this life, and spend time giving thanks to my Creator. At the same time, giving me peace of mind by constantly putting my life in perspective.

And it's weird, I usually need to nap at noon...always. Even if I've had a beautiful sleep the night before. But the days where I'm punctual with my prayers and I don't miss any, I power through the day like no other. Absolutely no sense of fatigue. Just one of the many blessings that come with prayers.

"And your Lord says, 'call upon me;
I will respond to you." [Ghafir 40:60]