It's Been Real, Fossil

It's been a long run. Crazy to think it's been two & a half years at the company. I didn't think I'd be at Fossil for more than 3 months since I started as a temp. So much has changed about me. Not only as a professional, but as a person as well. I've grown into someone I never thought I'd ever be. Someone that's just confident in himself. I've always had trouble being able to simply interact with people. Things as basic as small talk were a struggle for me. I've never been one for words, specifically when meeting new peopleβ€”I'd just freeze and get extremely uncomfortable. But God has helped me become the type of person to walk up to anyone and spark a conversation out of nowhere. My approach is to basically treat everyone like your best friend, which deters my anxiety, and allows the other person to feel at ease in the conversation. It's worked so far!

Professionally, I'm nowhere near where I thought I wanted to be when I first started as a Graphic Designer. By the time I left, I had been working in social media art direction for the Skagen team (hence the minimal background in the image, it's the concept room for the brand). And now, my goal is pushing into the fashion side of design. Although I don't have much portfolio-wrothy work to speak for my time at Fossil, I can walk away from the company with crazy amount of knowledge in design and what it takes to run a fashion brand. If I didn't get this job at a fashion company, I'm not sure I would be pursuing my desire to run my own label. But it's all part of His plan. 

Saying my goodbyes was not easy. I befriend everyone I meet so it took a while to say bye to everyone I know. I chose "End of the Road" by Boys II Men as my goodbye song...I literally sang it out loud with my friend Danielle in front of all of HR and I will honestly never forget that moment. Everyone was watching and when we finished, everyone just laughed and told me how much they'll miss me. That's the moment I really felt how things are about to change for me. I've seen these people 5 days a week for past 2.5 years, spending more time with them than my own family. The idea of "work family" is such a beautiful concept, because it's so true. These people literally become your family. I didn't tear up though (because I typically would!). I saw it as a happy moment, reflecting on all the beautiful moments I shared with such beautiful souls. Some that I'll probably always be in contact with.

With the growth as a person and a professional, with my knowledge in the field, with the people I've gotten to's been nothing but a blessing. Fossil fam, I'll be seeing you πŸ™‚