Who I Will Be in 2018


This year I'm setting all internal rather than external goals.
If I work on myself & the my personal habits, iA that'll set the foundation for how I perform on anything externally.

In 2018:

I will not...

allow my personal doubt to halt any goals I'm working on
let my ego take control of my emotions
let a day go by without completing tasks
excuse myself for not completing tasks
let the words of others influence how my interactions

I will...

put God before everything & everyone, including myself
say 'bismillah' before everything
keep my head down & my heart up
cleanse my heart of my ego & any negative or ill-feelings
be confident in my abilities while knowing there's always room for growth
be decisive in decisions, whether big or small
read more books
read & memorize more Qur'an
not just feel, but show my sympathy for others
consider the needs/wants of the group over my own
prioritize myself as much as I prioritize others
excuse those who hurt me
pray for those who hurt me
pray for those who love me
pray for strangers
learn to delegate tasks to others
compliment others more
love & forgive unconditionally
commit to plans more stringently
say 'no' and 'yes' with confidence & no hesitation
learn to just start & not overthink the process
ask about others more often
be okay with people helping me
manage my sleep schedule more diligently
reflect the day's accomplishments every night

create a do-list every morning
tell my loved ones I love them more often
smile more
love more

Here's to another blessed, productive, & reflective year.
A year initiated with a clean and pure heart.
Living every moment with love & in the name of our Creator:


"And do not walk upon the earth exultantly.
Indeed, you will never tear the earth [apart] & you will never reach the mountains in height."
[Al-Israa 17:37]