Losing Faith in God


So I want to talk a bit about the concept of losing faith and talk thru my thoughts on approaching it.

Specifically, losing one’s faith due to being put through an extremely difficult situation. This could be loss of a loved one, heartbreak, a state of depression, sickness, an injury, financial struggles, relationship struggle, marital problems, etc…

This often leads to one questioning God’s will—why is He doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this? It sometimes leads to resentment towards God, unfortunately. Resentment for being put through the struggle despite having been strong on prayers, fasting, etc.

Now this point in a person’s life is a very pivotal moment‚ it’s a defining moment. You can either end up bouncing back with even stronger faith or end up losing it all and finding your relationship with God fading away.

For me, there are four concepts I’ve learned that have always allowed me to stray back to my path to Him.

1. Reminding yourself that it’s not punishment, it’s love.
I view it as God loves you enough to test you because He knows that you have it in you to be even stronger. God putting you through a test says that he hasn’t given up on you. It’s the same way a parent is hard on their child because they know their potential and the parent has to push the child to help them reach that potential. In that same way, God knows there’s more room for faith and love in your heart. He’s testing you because He wants you to pass the test and bounce back even stronger than you were before the struggle.

2. You owe Him your life.
He created you, He formed your body, He designed your soul. God chose to create you. That, for me, is enough motivation to convince myself that yes, I’m in a horrible situation and I absolutely hate it. But God created, God loves me, I trust His plan, and because of that—I’m gonna push through this struggle because I owe Him that much.

3. Love is a choice, it is a commitment.
The same pact that couples make to one another when they get married—to stay committed thru the thick and thin. The same with God—you might feel disconnected right now but it’s imperative you remind yourself that you’re still committed to His glory, no matter what. Our hearts will never be at 100% all day everyday, He didn’t created to be that way. Only angles are capable of that. It’s a matter of whether we have the WANT to be at 100% for Him. Loving God is a choice.

4. The struggle is temporary—you will move past it.
It’s easy to feel that the pain will never end, that’s the nature of pain. The trick is to understand and acknowledge that pain, but remind yourself that it will end. It’s a matter taking the right steps to moving forward (talking to someone about it, finding a counselor, etc.), acknowledging the emotions you’re going through (not suppressing them) and holding onto any amount of faith and hope you have in God. And with that, by the will of Allah, it will pass.

In the end, the only thing we have in the life and the afterlife IS God. He is the only constant in our lives so if there’s anything to give your all and dedicate your mental and spiritual energy to is Him

Insha’Allah if any one of you is going thru a tough time, that you find your ground, you find your path back to Him and the struggle you’re going thru comes to an end soon.

Always remember that God created you and only He knows what you’re capable of, something you don’t even know.

'and He found you lost and guided you...'
[al-duhaa 93:7]